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Home Appraisal Questions Answered by AmeriFirst Home Mortgage – Connecticut

First time home buyers and real estate agents often work with appraisers. From repairs to below-grade footage, a home appraisal includes a lot of information for the buyer, the agent and the lender. Different mortgage programs require differing information. An FHA mortgage may have different requirements than a VA mortgage loan or a Rural Development loan. AmeriFirst Mortgage Consultant Jeremy Drobeck (http://www.1stclassmortgageservice.com/ ) talks to home appraisal expert Paul Weaver ( http://paulweaverandassoc.com/ ) about the process.

FHA Financing: Appraisal Checklist – Connecticut

The past year has brought rejuvenation to FHA financing. Loan amount in the $700,000 and mortgage lending companies that have staffed up with qualified underwriters. The appraisal piece has been a mystery to many of the realtors, buyers and seller. An FHA appraisal has different criteria than a conforming loan appraisal.
Many of the single family homes in the Walnut Creek area are good candidates for the FHA mortgage product. The interest rates are as competitive as conventional and FHA only requires a 3.5% down payment and credit scores in the 600 range. There are mortgage insurance costs, but if you compare the FHA loan to a conventional loan you may find that it fits your needs better. 
Alain Pinel Realtors has created an appraisal checklist that assists buyers and sellers to confirm a home’s qualification for a FHA loan. This checklist is a great way to help sellers market to a broader market and buyers to buy with a great mortgage product. (Aug, 2010)

10 Most Required Repair Items Requested on a FHA Appraisal 904.612.9283 – Connecticut

10 Most Required Repair Items Requested on a FHA Appraisal 904.612.9283 – Connecticut

With the help of Jacksonville appraisals, you can identify the problems that might slow down your FHA loan approval process.