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Connecticut Certified General Appraiser

3.   State Certified General Appraiser  Allows Appraiser to appraise all types of Real Estate; residential, commercial and/or industrial property.

Educational Requirements for General Appraiser: 300 hours total (225 additional over the Provisional) consisting of the following courses: ·    General Appraiser Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use (30 Hours) ·    Statistics, Modeling and Finance (15 Hours) ·    General Appraiser Sales Comparison Approach (30 Hours) ·    General Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach (30Hours) ·    General Appraiser Income Approach (60 Hours) ·    General Appraiser Report Writing and Case Studies (30 Hours) ·    Appraisal Subject Matter Electives (30 Hours)  Experience Required for General Appraiser: ·

3,000 hours of Appraisal Experience (of which 1,500 hours must be non-residential appraiser work) obtained during no fewer then 30 months, Experience documentation in the form of an appraisal log shall be submitted to support the experience claimed. ·

Applicant shall have obtained the minimum educational requirement of a bachelor’s degree from accredited college, university, or institute of higher education. ·  Effective January 1,2015 Must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university. Education and experience must be completed prior to taking an appraisal exam.

Source: Appraisal – Appraisal And Real Estate School of Connecticut