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What is the Best Thing about Being an Appraiser?

What is the most interesting part of a valuation professional’s job? Appraisal Institute Designated members Terry R. Durkin, MAI, SRPA, SRA, Robert E. Dietrich, MAI, Brenda J. Dohring Hicks, MAI, Mark R. Linne, MAI, SRA, and Eric B. Garfield, MAI, describe what they like most about their work in the valuation profession

Portland Appraiser — Tips for Appraisals of New Homes 

Portland appraiser, with A Quality Appraisal, LLC, provides tips to appraisers who are appraising new construction homes or real estate agents looking to better understand appraisers. New Portland homes can sometimes be easy appraisals; but, there are some factors that home appraisers must be aware of to make sure that, what looks like a quick appraisal, does not result in the wrong home value. These tips include looking at sales of homes outside the development, using the opportunity to obtain home cost data, understanding limited government data available (like a home sketch), interviewing agents who sold the new homes, and for Portland appraisers in particular, being careful not to look for new home sales using solely map searches. Following the tips in this video will help appraisers produce stronger appraisals of new construction homes. If you are looking for a Portland, OR real estate appraiser who cares and works very hard to make sure the home or property value is correct, please call A Quality Appraisal at 503-781-5646. We’re excited to help you with all of your residential home and property appraisal needs.